Chris Powell for City Council Ward 1
Experienced leadership for Bethany City Council
Chris Powell for Bethany City Council, Ward I
As your city councilman I will prioritize your tax dollars by focusing on infrastructure and the needs of our community first and promote common sense in the budget while fighting against wasteful spending on extravagant projects that will be harmful to our city.  Solutions for our issues with water, both what comes from our wells to supply our homes and what comes from the sky and exposes the shortcomings of our storm drainage systems, are at the top of my agenda. And I am committed to building Bethany for the future by removing barriers that stifle new businesses while working to bring all parts of our community together.


Chris and Amy chose Bethany as the place to raise their family and have lived here for over twenty years.  Chris is a Marine Corps veteran with combat service in the first Gulf War. He is employed by the largest law enforcement agency in the state where he spent six years as a 911 dispatcher before moving to his current position as an evidence custodian.  Chris has been an advocate for better public policy at the state and local level for several years, including initiating a proposal to increase public access to vital statistics that became state law, and articles written by Chris have been featured on the editorial page of the Daily Oklahoman numerous times.
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